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Registration is opening on December 03, 2020 at 8:00pm.

Sailor Cumilla Half Marathon 2020


Thank you to Cumilla Runners for continuing the healthy revaluation happening all over Bangladesh, thank you for making the effort to promote running and other outdoor activities all across greater Cumilla. Good luck with Cumilla Half Marathon, I hope to see more and more localized events as such, so that this activities are not confined in big cities only. I wish them best.
Tanvir Ahmed
, Founder, Bangladesh Marathons
Cumilla running community has always been a very active. The big step that Cumilla Runners has taken to organize the event in their home ground is highly appreciated from my end. I find it a big achievement for Cumilla Runners and for the growth of running community of Cumilla. I have been working for the running community since 2013 and i’ll always be there for anything that helps the greater motto of BDRunners which is to built a healthy nation through sport. I wish all the best to Cumilla Runners for their first ever Cumilla Half Marathon event.
Mohammed Asaduzzaman
, Volunteer at BDRunners
A good running event is a gift on its own. Team Cumilla Runners is inviting our ever-growing running community to their home to enjoy this great gift. They are doing so much and they are doing it brilliantly. Everyone is cordially welcome, mark the date, 25th December. All the very best of luck to Team Cumilla Runners. I know you guys gonna make us proud. Fee amanillah.
Hasin Arefin Khan
, Founder, DOUR

Location of Sailor Cumilla Half Marathon 2020

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